woman with baby


As parents, we started using reusable nappies and wipes out of a desire to make a more environmentally friendly parenting choice. There was a huge amount of choice in different nappy systems, materials and brands. Once we'd figured it out and starting using cloth nappies we were amazed not only by how easy they were to use, but also by just how much better they were than single use nappies - not to mention the amazing patterns available! There is so much to love about reusable nappies.

From nappies, we started to think about other choices we could make that were better for our environment, and ways to reduce our plastic use. Washable wipes are fab, and so much better at their job than single use wet wipes. Washable breast pads are far more comfortable than single use breast pads, and bamboo dinnerware is versatile and adorable.

We felt that cloth nappies sometimes had a bit of a reputation for being hard to use, awkward, and even a bit 'alternative' sometimes. We very much believe cloth nappies should be mainstream. If every child in nappies wore one re-usable nappy a day, over 900 nappies would be saved from landfill. Now imagine if every parent made that little change!