Frequently asked questions

What are the differences between the different types of cloth nappies?

All in one nappies: These nappies are much like they sound, they have an absorbant inner which is attached to the outer layer of the nappy. This gets pulled out to wash but is still attached, and then just stuffed back in once the nappy is dry. These nappies are convenient but can take a bit longer to dry. Pocket nappies: Pocket nappies are similar to all in one nappies, except for the absorbant inner part of the nappy is not attached, it sits in a pocket in the nappy. The absorbant inner then gets removed to wash the nappy and put back in once dry. These nappies tend to be quicker drying than all in one nappies. All in two nappies: These nappies have a waterproof wrap which you either popper or just lay absorbant inners into. All in two nappies tend to dry quickly and you don't necessarily need to change the waterproof wrap with every change. Fitted nappies: These are nappies which fasten with velcro and tend to be made out of cotton, bamboo or microfibre. You then add a seperate waterproof wrap outer layer to them. These nappies tend to be slower drying than the above options, but great for containing everything - perfect for night time use. Flat nappies: These are your traditional type of nappies, they require folding and securing and also require a waterproof wrap. They are not as easy to use as the other options but some people still swear by them!

Do I need to soak my nappies?

No, cloth nappies do not need soaking. We recommend that you first get rid of any poo from the nappy into the toilet, then dry store your nappies in a nappy pail or wet bag until you are ready to wash them.

Do I need special detergent for my nappies?

There are special nappy detergents on the market, and some nappy brands make their own to purchase. However nappies can just be washed using regular non-biological washing powder. You should not use fabric softener when washing your nappies as this can make them less absorbant. All nappies come with their own manufacturer washing instructions, we recommend following these.

Do nappies need to be boil washed?

Nope! Nappies should be washed no hotter than 60 degrees, but we wash ours at 40 :)

Aren't cloth nappies really hard to use?

Not at all! Although some people do still prefer to use traditional terry nappies, things have moved on a lot and there is so much choice available on the market. Most modern nappy systems fit like a single use nappy and fasten with either velcro or poppers. Once you've done it a couple of times it takes no longer to put on than a single use nappy.