• The Close Pop-in nappy is a really fun and funky nappy. It is made from soft bamboo, making it fantastically absorbant, with a double gusset to help protect from any leaks. It is a birth to potty nappy so will fit from around 8lbs and will grow with your child.


    Each nappy comes with a bamboo insert and a bamboo booster. The inserts simply attach into the nappy with poppers, meaning they stay in place really well. The Close Pop-in nappy features a velcro fastening with hidden laundry tabs for when they're in the wash.


    As with all cloth nappies, we recommend pre-washing this nappy before use to ensure maximum absorbancy. Simply wash between 40-60 degrees, with half your usual amount of non-bio washing powder. If you can, try to do this 2-3 times before you use the nappy for the first time (although once will suffice if you're really keen to get your little one into the nappy!).

    Close Pop-in V2 Printed Nappy +Bamboo


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