• Little Lamb bamboo nappies are excellent thirsty nappies, and are particuarly great for night time use or for if your baby is a heavy wetter as they are great at containment and absorbency.


    These nappies come in three sizes:

    Size 1 will fit approximately 7lbs-20lbs

    Size 2 will fit approximately 20lbs-38lbs

    Size 3 will fit 35lbs+


    We find that most children will be potty trained before they need the size three nappy, so we wouldn't advise ordering these in advance.


    Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial and antifungal fabric so it is perfect for nappies, it is also fantastically absorbent and a sustainable crop.


    These nappies will need to be worn with a waterproof wrap.


    As with all cloth nappies, we recommend pre-washing this nappy before use to ensure maximum absorbancy. Simply wash between 40-60 degrees, with half your usual amount of non-bio washing powder. If you can, try to do this 2-3 times before you use the nappy for the first time (although once will suffice if you're really keen to get your little one into the nappy!).

    Little Lamb Bamboo Nappy


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