• The TotsBots PeeNut Pads are a set of two pads which are designed to be used with the TotsBots PeeNut wrap. This is a really economical and easy to use nappy system. You can use the smaller pad on its own for light wetters, the big pad on its own for medium wetters or both together for heavy wetters. You can use the wrap up for up to four consecutive nappy changes, simply remove the wet pad, wipe the wrap clean and pop in a new one (the wrap will need changing if your baby has done a poo). Both PeeNut pads used together can hold up to 480ml.


    The PeeNut pads are made from bamboo with a little bit of microfibre so they are reasonably quick to dry. We would recommend using a liner with this system as the nappy has no built in layer to help keep your baby's skin dry.

    TotsBots PeeNut Pads


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