Why Cloth?

Well, for a start, cloth nappies are far more environmentally friendly than single use nappies. Even when you consider the energy needed to wash nappies, they are far better for the environment than single use nappies. Did you know that is takes a cup of crude oil to manufacturer each single use nappy? Cloth nappies don't need to be all or nothing, just using one cloth nappy a day saves over 900 nappies from landfill. Imagine if every family did that, the impact would be huge.

Environmental impact aside, cloth nappies and wet wipes are cheaper! Yes, the initial outlay is more, but if you add up what you'd spend on single use nappies and wipes over the course of a child's life it could be upwards of £1200. The cost of setting yourself up with cloth nappies would be more in the region of £200-£250. 

Cloth nappies and wipes are also more effective! Poo explosions tend to happen much less often in well fitting cloth nappies, and cloth wet wipes are just plain better at clearing up the mess!

Finally, cloth nappies are just so cute! There are so many different patterns to choose from, and they have so much personality to them. I love finding new patterns and actually get excited to see my little one in them. It might sound a bit strange but once you start using them you'll soon see what I mean!

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